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Tables in Ms Word

Tables in Ms Word: Tables in Ms word: A table consists of columns and rows. A group of table cells arrange vertically is called column. A group f table cells arranged horizontally is a called row. The cells are forms

Headers and Footers

Headers and Footers: Header is printed at the top of each page. Footer is printed at the bottom of each page. Header and footer toolbar contains the following buttons for different function: Creating a universal Header and Footer: Universal header

Page Breaks

Page Breaks: Ms Word insets an automatic page break when the page is fill with text or graphics. The page break automatically insert ms word is call soft page break. The page break insert by the user is call hard

Formatting Pages

Formatting pages: Page formatting is the layout of the page when it is print on a printer. It includes page size, page orientation, page margins, headers and footer etc. Page formatting is defined in page setup dialog box. Page size:

The Styles

Styles in Ms Word: Styles in Ms Word are used to define the appearance of various text elements in a document such as heading. caption body text. styles save a lot of time pent in formatting document. styles give consistent

Border and shading

Border and shading: The Border and shading is use to make parts of documents more attractive and visible. Borders and shading are apply to entire paragraphs. Borders and shading using Dialog Box: The borders and shading dialog box is another

Bullets and Numbering

Bullets and Numbering: Bullets and numbering are place before each item in the list. Ms word provides the facility to create bullets and numbers list of items. Several bullet and numbering styles are available. Bullets and numbers list help to

Tab,Remove Paragraph Formats

Tab: Tab,Remove Paragraph Formats: A tab stop is a measure position to place and align text at a specific place on page. It can use to set out text and figures in columns. Tab stops are Pre-set at 1.27 cm

Line spacing in Paragraphs

Line spacing in Paragraphs: Line Spacing in paragraphs is the white space between two adjacent lines. So Line spacing can change o increase the readability of text in a paragraph. Lines spacing can single-space,double-space or set to any spacing. Single spacing is

Format Painter,Paragraph Formatting

Format Painter The format painter is a tool that is use to copy formats from existing text and apply it to other text in the document. Therefore it speeds up formatting operations and ensures consistency among different areas in the