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Truth always Triumphs

Story: Truth always Triumphs:  Once, the patents of Abdul Qadir Gilani decided to send to him to Baghdad for learning. At the time of his departure, his mother gave him forty golden coins as the provisions for journey. She advised

Honesty is the Best Policy

Story: Honesty is the Best Policy:  Once there lived a woodcutter in a village. He was very renowned for his honesty and integrity. One day, he was cutting the branches of a tree on the bank of a river. By

Look Before you Leap

Story: Look Before you Leap: Once a fox ,by an unfortunate chance,slipped and fell into a well. Fox endeavored to climb up the well but to no avail. He also tried to jump out but the wall of the well

A Friend in need is a Friend Indeed

Story: A Friend in need is a Friend Indeed: Once there lived two friends in a village.One of them was strong ,active and tall. while the other was short, frail and thin. One day they embarked upon a journey to

The Slave and a Lion

Story: Slave and a Lion: In ancient times a merciless master had many slave. Androcles  was one of them. The master was a sadist. He tormented the slaves just for fun and joy. Although Androcles always did his work diligently. 

Blessing in Disguise

Story: Blessing in Disguise: Once, a merchant sold his goods in the market. He earned a handsome profit. He proceeded to his village happily. When he was passing through a jungle, a sudden rainstorm overtook him. He took refuge under

The Ass in Lion’s Skin

Story: The Ass in Lion’s Skin Once , an ass managed top escape from his master. He ran away into the jungle. By chance,there he found a skin of lion. He put on the Lion’s skin and began to roam

The Wolf and The Lamb

Story: The wolf and the Lamb: Once, a lamb  was playing in a pasture. A wolf happened to come there. He wanted to eat the lamb. But He wanted to have some fun with it first. He thus addressed him.

The Tailor and the Elephant

Story: The Tailor and the Elephant: There lived a Tailor in a small village. The village was situated near river. He was a kind-hearted and generous fellow. But he was a man of fiery temper also. In this village there

The Donkey Trapped in his own Trick

Story: The Donkey Trapped in his own Trick Once, a miller lived in a village. He had a short, stout donkey.He transported salt to a city to earn his living. He used his donkey for this purpose. One day, donkey