Blessing in Disguise


Blessing in Disguise:

Once, a merchant sold his goods in the market. He earned a handsome profit. He proceeded to his village happily.

When he was passing through a jungle, a sudden rainstorm overtook him. He took refuge under a shady tree. He scolded nature for the untimely rain. The storm continued for a long time. The sun was kissing the horizon, when the rain stopped. It was so wet everywhere.Anyhow, he resumed his journey. on the way, some robbers blocked his way. They ordered him to hand over the money. The merchant did not want to lose his hard earned money. He refused to yield to them. They threatened to shoot him if he did not hand over the money. The merchant decided to take the risk. He made his horse gallop. The robbers fired at him, but their pistols did not work. It happened so because the gunpowder had got wet with the rainwater. The merchant succeeded in escaping from the risk.

At last, he reached his village sage and sound. Though the rain had troubled him a bit. it had saved his life and money. The rain had proved a blessing in disguise. He did penance and thanked God for sending the rain.


            Blessing in disguise

Favour in the shape of disfavour.

           Do not find fault with the scheme of things.

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