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Font color, Highlight, Character spacing,

Font color, Font color, Highlight, Character spacing: The use of color can add emphasis to words and makes the document easier to read Font color is use to the color of the text. Changing the color: The following procedure is

Formatting Toolbar

Formatting Toolbar: Formatting toolbar is locate text to standard toolbar by default. It contains button to change the appearance of text. It also contains button for font size, font style and colors etc. The following Procedure is use to view

Formatting Documents

Formatting Documents in Ms word: In Formatting Documents The process of defining the appearance of a document is known a formatting. it includes the following options: Changing the font and font size of the text Applying border and shadings Adding picture and

Auto Correct And Synonyms & Thesaurus

Auto Correct: Auto correct  is use to make corrections to typing errors automatically. It can save time during editing. It automatically detects and corrects misspell words grammatical. so errors and incorrect capitalization as they are type. For example, if a about

Find and Replace & Spelling and Grammar

Find and Replace: The find command locates a designated character string and optionally replaces it with different character. The replace command locates designated locates a character string and replaces it with different characters. The following procedure is use to find

Undo & Redo & Inserting a Special Character.

Undo and Redo: The process of canceling the effect of an action is called undo. The process of canceling affect of undone action is called redo. Ms Word allows you to undo previous action. If you make a mistake, you

How to use of Clipboard / Cut , Copy and paste

Use of Clipboard / Cut , Copy and paste: Clipboard is used to temporarily store the information that has been cut or copied. The options of cut and copy are available in Edit menu or standard toolbar. Clipboard can store

Text Editing in Documents

Typing and Editing Text The processing of typing text in a document is called entering text. The processing of changing the existing document is called text editing . The word processor places a blinking insertion point at the top left corner of

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