Creating presentation Ms Power Point 2007

Creating presentation

Creating presentation Ms Power Point 2007: There are three ways to create presentation.

  1. Blank Presentation
  2. Auto content Wizard
  3. Design Template

Creating Presentation from Blank Presentation

The Blank presentation option is one of the more commonly used methods. And it offers several blank slides with layouts for text and graphics. It may be a good choice as the user can apply his own formatting and color schemes to personalize the presentation.

The following procedure is use to create presentation from blank presentation.

  • Select From Blank Presentation in Task Pane under New Presentation. A list appears.
  • Move the arrow pointer over the layouts or use scroll bar in slide layout pane. A gray bar appears on the right of each layout.
  • Select the desired layout of the slide by clicking the down-pointing arrow and choose Apply to Selected Slide.
  • Click on placeholder. Placeholders are specials places within a slide to add contents.
  • Enter text.
  • Click on File > Save OR press Ctrl + S.
  • Choose the location to save the presentation.
  • Type a name in File Name box.
  • Click save.

Creating a new Presentation using Design Template

Power Point design templates to create attractive presentations easily. So these templates come in a variety of colors and styles. The user can apply a design to existing slides or begin a new presentation with a template.

The following procedure is use to create presentation using template:

  • Open Power Point.
  • Click on From Design Template in Task Pane under New. A list of templates appears.
  • Move the mouse pointer through different design OR use the scroll bar.
  • Click on the down pointing¬† arrow in the gray box next to the desired template.
  • Choose Apply to All Slides.
  • Click on File > Save Or press Ctrl + S.
  • Choose the location to save the presentation.
  • Type a name in File name box and click Save.

Auto content Wizard

The Auto contents Wizard is use to create a presentation based on one of the sample presentation. and The wizard provides several slides with different contents guides. Presentation guides are available in several areas including General, Corporate, and Sales / Marketing.

The following procedure is use to create a presentation using Auto Content Wizard.

  • Choose from Auto Content Wizard in Task pane under New Presentation.
  • Click Next to see the different presentation options that are available.
  • Select Type of presentation and click on Next button.
  • Choose type of output and click on Next button.
  • Type title in Presentation title text box and then press the Tab key to move insertion point to Footer box.
  • Type text in Footer box.
  • Click Next the last AutoContent Wizard dialog box appears.
  • Click Finish button. First slide of presentation will appear.

Closing a Presentation and Exiting Power Point

The process of unloading a presentation from memory is called closing a presentation. When a presentation is closed it is unloaded from memory but remains stored in file on disk. A Process of closing Power Point is called Existing power Point. When user exits Power Point, all open slides are closed. Power Point asks the user to save unsaved slides before exiting.

Closing a Presentation.

The following procedure is use to close a presentation.

  • Click X in Power Point presentation window OR press Ctrl + W.

Exiting Power Point

  • Click X on the title bar OR click File > Exist OR Press Alt + F4.



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