Deenyaat Book in Urdu

Deenyaat Book in Urdu:

Deenyaat book is very helpful for you knowledge. it is very Comprehensive ,concise, and lucid book. in this some content are there.

Fist of All what is Islam , the meaning of word Islam, The reality of Islam,Advantage of Islam, add in urdu. so you can easily read it. And  follow it. Next chapter consist Believe and obey, in this chapter What is Emaan mean Believe .

In The Reality of Islam:

we see in life every thing is going with a Rule and Regulation. Like moon sun start etc. and the Earth is turning around with Special speed. It may not matter in the slightest error. Because every thing Drive by God.

Definition of Emaan:

Islamic point of view a person who believe that God is One and ever thing is Create by God. And no with him, and Believe that when we died our God live again.


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