Format Painter,Paragraph Formatting

Format Painter

The format painter is a tool that is use to copy formats from existing text and apply it to other text in the document. Therefore it speeds up formatting operations and ensures consistency among different areas in the document.

Copying Formatting with Format Painter:

The following procedure is use to copy formatting using formatting toolbar:

  1. First of all Select the text already format.
  2. Click Format Pinter on formatting toolbar. The mouse pointer changes to show the brush icon.
  3. Select the text to apply format.

So the text you select will be format exactly like the previous format text.

Copying Formatting Using keyboard:

  1. Select the text already formatted and press CTRL + SHIFT + C
  2. Select the text to apply format.
  3. Press CTRL + SHIFT + V. The formatting will apply to the selecte text.

Paragraph Formatting:

A paragraph may be a character, a word, a line or multiple line. Whenever the user presses Enter key, Ms Word assumes that it is a next paragraph. A paragraph can be identifies by paragraph mark at the end of paragraph.

The paragraph formatting is store in paragraph mark instead of text the formatting of a paragraph is deleted it the paragraph mark is deleted. It is not necessary to select a paragraph to apply formatting. Only the cursor should be in paragraph multiple paragraphs have to be select to apply formatting at the same time.

Important paragraph formatting feature are as follows:

  • Alignment 
  • line spacing
  • Paragraph Spacing 
  • Indentation

Paragraph Alignment :

Paragraph alignment determines how text is positioned between left and right margins on the page. So Text can be align between the left and right margins in the following ways:

  • Left alignment aligns text on left margin this is also the default paragraph alignment.
  • Right alignment align text on the right margin.
  • Center alignment is evenly centered between the left and right margins.
  • Justified alignment aligns text on both left and right margins Justified alignment. May add spaces between words to extend you text so that it fits between margins.

Paragraphs Alignment using formatting Toolbar: 

The following procedure is use to align paragraph using formatting toolbar.

  • Select the paragraphs to be align.
  • Click the require formatting toolbar button.

Changing paragraph alignment using menu options:

The following procedure is use to align paragraph using menu first of all,

  • Select text to be formatted.
  •  Then Select format > paragraph. The paragraph dialog box appear.
  • Select the indents and spacing tab
  • select left, centered right, or justified from the alignment pull-down list and,
  • click OK

Changing paragraph alignment using keyboard option:

The following procedure is use to change paragraph alignment using keyboard :

Select the text to be format press the Appropriate key:

Alignment options Shortcut key
Left Ctrl +L
Centered Ctrl + E
Right Ctrl + R
 Justified Ctrl + J

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