Formatting Documents

Formatting Documents in Ms word:

In Formatting Documents The process of defining the appearance of a document is known a formatting. it includes the following options:

  • Changing the font and font size of the text
  • Applying border and shadings
  • Adding picture and graphics
  • Controlling the layout of the text

The formatting toolbar is the easiest way to change any attribute.

Types of Formatting:

There are three types of formatting

  1. Paragraph Formatting:

paragraph is a collection of text that ends with enter key. so Word inserts a new paragraph in the document wherever the user presses the Enter Key.

A type of formatting that is applying to a complete paragraph is called paragraph formatting. Important paragraph formatting are as follows:

  • Text Alignment
  • Indentation
  • Line Spacing and paragraph spacing
  • Bullets and Numbering

2. Character Formatting :

A type of formatting that is applying to an individual character is call character formatting. Important character formatting are typeface , font size, font color, font style and character spacing etc.

Word allows you to format text character using toolbar, menu or keyboard options. In addition the toolbar and keyboard options are faster. However, the menu offers more options. Some styles are boldface, italics, underlining, shadow, superscript or subscript. and single or double strike through, small or all caps, and color etc.

3. Page Formatting: 

Page formatting is the layout of the page when it is print on a printer. It includes page size, page orientation, page margins, header and footer etc. Page formatting is define in page setup dialog box. It includes the following:

  •  Page Size
  •  Margins
  • Page orientation
  • Headers and Footer.









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