Formatting in Excel


The process of changing the appearance of text is called formatting. If the formatting is applied to a cell is called cell formatting. Changing formatting, affects the way numbers

And texts are display in a worksheet. By default, all cells are in general format. The text can is align to left and numbers are align to right. The cell formatting includes the following.


The appearance of data in a cell is called font or typeface. Fonts are use to make the text of different styles and size. Two general categories of fonts are serial and scan serial.

Font size:

Font size is measures in points. There are 72 points in an inch. The text set at 36 points is about one half inch height.

Font style:

Font style is use to bold,and italicize and underline the text in the cell. Formatting toolbar contains separate button for all of these options.

Font color:

Font color is use to change the color of the text in a cell.


The position of data in a cell is called alignment. Text is aligned automatically on left side of cell and numbers on right side. It can be changed as required.


The borders can apply to all sides or certain sides of the cells and The borders can also format.

The formatting toolbar contains shortcuts for frequently use for formatting commands.

Changing Font and Font size:

The following procedures use to change font and font size

  • Select the cell (s) to format.
  • Click Font box on Formatting toolbar. A list of fonts will appear.
  • Select any the font from the list.
  • One Formatting toolbar, click the arrow on Font Size box.
  • Select any size OR type a number for size and press Enter.

Changing Font style:

The word style refers to font effects but not to the font itself. Bold, italic and underline are font style. The following procedure is use to change font style.

  • Select the cell (s) to enhance.
  • Click enhancement button from Formatting toolbar.

Changing Font color:

The following procedure is use to change font color

  • Select the cell(s) to format.
  • Click Font color on Formatting toolbar.

Formatting with format cells Dialog Box:

The following procedure is use to apply formatting with format cells dialog box:

  • Select the cell(s) to format.
  • Right click and select Format cells….OR select Format >cell….
  • Select the Font tab. The Font options of format cells dialog box will display.
  • Select the options to apply and click OK.

Align and orient cell Contents:

Text is align automatically on left side of column and numbers on right side. IT can be changes as required. The values formatted with currency or comma style formats override the alignment alignment button options.

Align left:

The following procedure is use to align the data to left side.

  • Select the data with mouse.
  • Click on align left button.

Align center

  • Select the data to align center.
  • Click on center button.

Align Right

  • Select the data to align right.
  • Click on align right button.



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