Formatting Pages

Formatting pages:

Page formatting is the layout of the page when it is print on a printer. It includes page size, page orientation, page margins, headers and footer etc. Page formatting is defined in page setup dialog box.
Page size:
The length and the width of a page of a document is called page size. Page size is very important in the formatting of the page. Page formatting changes according to the size of the page. Changing the size of the page can disturb the formatting of the whole document. It is better to set the page size before formatting it.

Margin is the amount of white space around the top, left, right, and bottom of text on a page. A margin defines the boundaries of the text. The text cannot cross these boundaries.

Page orientation:
The direction in which document is printed on the pager is called page orientation. The document can be printed on the paper in two ways. These are

Portrait:    Portrait printing means that the paper is taller than it is wide. Most letters are prints in portrait orientation.
Landscape: Landscape printing means that the paper is wider than it is tall. Tables with a larger number of columns are often printed in landscape orientation.Page orientation of document is defined in page setup dialog box.

Headers and Footer:

Header is text that is add to the top margin of every page.

Footer is text that is add to bottom margin. Headers and footers are inserted in order to display repeated text or graphics on top or bottom of pages in a document. It saves time to enter the same item in page again and again.

Set Page Margins:

The white space around printed page is the margin area. The top, bottom, left and right, margins can change in different ways.

Changing page margins using the ruler bar:
The procedure to change page margins using ruler bar is as following.

  • Position mouse pointer over a margin border. The pointer changes to double-Headed arrow and screen tip appears.
  • Click and drag the margin to the new location.

Changing page margins using page setup dialog box:
The following procedure is use to change page margins using page setup dialog box.

  1. Select File > Page setup. The page setup dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click Margins tab.
  3. Set Top, Bottom, Left and Right margins as required by clicking in box and typing a value. The preview panel displays the effect o new margin setting
  4. Click OK. The margins will apply.

Changing page orientation pager size:

Orientation is the direction of paper while printing. Text is normally print is portrait orientation with the short sides of the paper at the top and bottom the orientation is known landscape when the long sides are at the top and bottom.

Changing page orientation and paper size:
The following procedure is use to change page orientation and paper size.

  • Select File > Page Setup. The page setup dialog box is displayed
  • Click paper size tab.
  • Select a page alignment option from orientation panel.
  • Click a standard paper size from paper size list or enter actual size of the paper in width and height boxes. Preview panel displays paper size and orientation setting.
  • Click OK the selected option will be applies.



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