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So this is second page of homonyms that is start with no. of 35 and end with 70. So remaining homonyms are next page.

35 Cell Our body is made of cells.
Sell He is selling eggs.
36 Cite He cites from the Holy Quran.
Site This is a good site for a bank.
37 Check He is checking the papers.
Cheque He draws a cheque from the bank.
38 Coarse Don’t wear coarse cloth every day.
Course Our course books are not available in the market.
39 Childish His childish habits are good.
Childlike He has childlike manners
Clock The clock strikes 11.
Cloak Our teacher is wearing new cloak.
41 Corps Army crops are marching.
Corpse A corpse was lying on the road.
42 Cloth His father deals in cloth.
Clothes He is wearing new clothes today.
43 Cold Today is very cold.
Cool Cool breeze is blowing.
44 Council He is a member of the council of our village.
Counsel He acts upon my counsel.
45 Coma He is in the state of coma.
Comma There is always a comma at the end of a sentence.
46 Confidant Ali is confidant In all my matters.
Confident He is confident of his success.
47 Diary We buy milk from a diary.
Dairy I lost my diary yesterday.
48 Diseased A diseased must be cured.
Deceased His father is deceased.
49 Defy I defy your order.
Deify The Muslims don’t deify gods.
50 Dear He is very dear to me
Deer We saw a deer in the zoo.
51 Device Many electronic devices are use in computer.
Device He devises a new plan.
52 Doze Don’t doze in the class.
Dose Take every dose of medicine in time.
53 Due Your fee of this month is due now.
Dew There are dew drops on the grass.
54 Drought Many animals have been died because of drought.
Drought Take every draught of water smoothly.
Differ I differ you on this matter.
Drought Many animals have been died because of drought.
56 Die His father has been died.
Dye He dyes his cost.
57 Drop Don’t drop water on the floor.
Droop Many boughs are drooping from the tree.
58 Drown He drowned in deep water.
Sink A ship sank into the sea.
59 Elder Ali is my elder brother.
Older He is older than me.
60 Envelop He open an envelops for reading a letter.
Envelope A bad smell is enveloping our areas.
61 Eminent Mr. Ali is an eminent personality of our city.
Imminent Word hard, examination is imminent.
62 Empire The Muslim empire is very vast.
Umpire Ali is an international umpire of cricket.
63 Edible The prices of edibles are increasing day by day.
Audible You singing is audible now.
64 Fair He is fair in his dealings.
Fare What is the bus fare?
65 Father Don’t go farther into the forest.
Further I need your further help.
66 Flour He runs a flour mill.
Floor Don’t sit on the dirty floor.
67 Foul Don’t play foul game.
Fowl We keep fowls in the house.
68 Funeral I attended the funeral of his father.
Funereal She is wearing a funereal dress.
69 Gait Her gait is very charming.
Gate The gate of his house is open.
70 Grate I bought a grate yesterday.
Great Allama iqbal was a great man.

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