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So this is second page of homonyms that is start with no. of 71 and end with 105. So remaining homonyms are next page.

71 Glass We use glass to drink water.
Gloss He broke the gloss of window
72 Gamble His father is a gamble.
Gambol The children are gamboling in the play ground.
73 Gentle Everyone loves a gentle man.
Genteel He is a man of genteel habits.
74 Goal You must get your goal of life.
Gaol He was sent to the gaol.
75 Hail It is hailing today.
Hale He is hale and hearty nowadays.
76 Heroin He is addicted to heroin
Heroine Reema is a hit heroine.
77 Heard We heard a sweat song.
Herd. A heard of sheep is grazing in the field.
78 Heal His wound is healing day by day
Heel She is wearing high heel shoes.
79 Hew He is hewing down a tree in the garden.
Hue The hue of this coat is blue.
80 Hang The murdered was hanged in the jail.
Hung I hung a picture on the wall.
81 Human We must love human beings.
Humane He is humane by nature.
82 Hair He has black and silky hair.
Heir Mr. Ali is a sole heir of his property.
83 Impassable Don’t travel in impassable way.
Impossible Nothing is impossible in the world.
84 Industrial Gujranwala is an industrial city.
Industrious Mr. Ali is an industrious man.
85 Illicit He is developing an illicit relation with her.
Elicit It is an elicit reply from her.
Immortal Nothing is immortal in the world.
Mortal Man is mortal.
87 Illegible Your handwriting is illegible.
Eligible You are not eligible for this post.
88 Judicial Judicial system in Pakistan is not free.
Judicious He gave a judicious decision.
89 Later Why do you come later in the meeting?
Latter Ali and Rafi are two students ,the latter is very hardworking.
90 Liar No one trusts him because he is a liar.
Lawyer Mr. Ali is a lawyer by profession
91 Loath He is loath to come in the party.
Loathe Don’t loathe the poor.
92 Loose. This shirt is loose to me.
Loss He is bearing a huge loss in his business.
93 Lessen This medicine will lessen your pain.
Lesson I am learning my new lesson.
94 Mil I will mail you a letter.
Male She gave birth to a male child.
95 Mayor Mayor of Lahore has many authorities.
Mare His mare runs very fast.
96 Main This is a main gate of our house.
Mane This horse has very silky and black mane
97 Moral This story gives a moral message.
Morale Keep your morale high always.
98 Meet I shall meet you there very soon.
Meat We like to eat meat.
99 Marry He will marry with a girl of his own choice.
Merry Eat, drink and be merry.
Made This plate is made of iron.
Maid Their maid servant is very idle.
101 Minor It is a minor fault.
Miner Ali is a miner by profession.
102 Metal Gold is a costly metal.
Mettle Our soldiers show a great mettle in the battle.
103 Night He sleeps late at night.
Knight A knight is highly respected in England.
104 Ore Iron is an ore.
Oar They are running a boat by oars.
105 Pale He became pale with fear.
Pail The pail is full of water.

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