Homonyms page4


So this is second page of homonyms that is start with no. of 106 and end with 146. So remaining homonyms are next page.

106 Pane Don’t break a window pane.
Pain He is feeling pain in his foot.
107 Peace We must live in peace.
Piece A mirror was broken into pieces.
108 Petrol The price of petrol is increasing day by day.
Patrol Police is patrolling in the streets.
109 Pray He is praying for his success.
Prey My father is very fond of prey (shooting).
110 Pattern A carpenter made a wooden pattern.
Patron Mr. Ali is a patron o our cricket team.
111 Plane A plane is used for shaping wood.
Plain I am fond of wearing plain dress.
112 Principal Mr. Rafi is principal of our college.
Principle My father is a man of principles.
113 Pole Our south pole is very cold.
Poll He is going to cast his vote at polling.
114 Profit His business is going in profit.
Prophet Allah sent many prophets for mankind.
115 Pore There are many pores in our body.
Pour She is pouring tea in a cup.
116 Popular Our teacher is very popular among all the students.
Populous Karachi is a populous city.
117 Practice Practice makes man perfect.
Practise I practise of cricket daily.
118 Pat I patted my pet d dog.
Pet Our pets are much tamed.
119 Quite He is quite happy today.
Quiet He is sitting quiet in the class room.
Rain It is raining outside.
Rein He pulled the reins of his horse.
121 Raise I raise an objection in this matter.
Raze They are razing their house to ground.
122 Root A tree has long roots.
Route The bus driver lost his route permit.
123 Sail This ship is sailing towards England.
Sale This bike is for sale.
124 Right He is feeling pain in his right hand.
Rite The Muslim culture has its own rites.
125 Scene Murree is full of natural scenes.
Seen They have seen this film.
126 Sea A ship is sailing in the sea.
See He is seeing outside.
127 Soar The prices of edibles are soaring up day by day.
Sour Grapes are soar.
128 Soot His coat has become sooty.
Suit He is wearing a new suit today.
129 Soul He has a spiritual soul.
Sole The sole of this shoe is very soft.
Stationary Stars are stationary on the sky.
Stationery He runs a stationery shop.
131 Story He told me a story.
Storey It is a ten stories plaza.
132 Sent He was sent to jail.
Scent I bought two bottles of scent.
133 Stare He is staring at me.
Stairs Go up the stairs.
134 Tail A horse has long tail.
Tale I told him a tale.
135 Temper He is a man of polite temper.
Tamper Don’t tamper the ball.
136 Team Our cricket team is very strong.
Teem The river teems with fish.
137 Urban We live in an urban area.
Urbane Her habits are urbane.
138 Vocation He is a teacher by vocation.
Vacation Every student enjoys summer vacation.
139 Vale Queta is also a vale.
Veil The Muslim woman wear veil.
140 Vein Blood flows in veins.
Vain Don’t be vain of your success.
141 Wonder I am wondering at his strange habit.
Wander. Why are you wandering in the streets.
143 Week A week has seven days.
Weak Long fever has made him weak.
144 Whether Whether you come or not I will do this work.
Weather Weather is very hot today.
145 Wait I am waiting for you for a long time.
Weight The weight of this item is 2kgs.
146 Yoke He yokes his bulls and plough.
Yolk Yolk is a useful food.


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