(Homographs, homophones)

Homonyms are the words with same pronunciation as others, but with a different meaning, origin and generally, spelling. A list of famous homonyms is as under

1 Access He has no access to the principal
Excess Excess of everything is bad.
2 Advise Father advised his son.
Advice Act upon my advice.
3 Adopt Adopt good habits always.
Adept He is adept in singing.
4 All ready All is ready for the function
Already I have already complet my work.
5 Accede He accede my suggestion.
Concede Concede your defeat now
6 Exceed Don’t exceed your limits
Apposite This is an apposite job for you.
7 Opposite His house is opposite to my house.
Air Birds fly in the air.
8 Ear He feels pain In his ears.
Accepts I accept your gift.
9 Accident A met a bus accident.
Incident An incident brought a new change in my life.
10 Addition Ali is a new addition in our class fellows.
Edition First edition of this book is successful.
11 Affect He is affected by my advice.
Effect This medicine has side effects.
12 Allusion Iqbal’s poetry is full of allusions.
Illusion Life as an illusion.
13 Altar Cows were brought to altar.
Alter Please alter you bad ways of life.
14 Amiable Mr. ali is amiable to all.
Amicable He has an amicable nature.
15 Angle It is an angle of 600 degree.
Angel Allah sends angels for us.
16 Artist A painter is also an artist.
Artisan He is an adept artisan.
17 Avocation Gardening is a good avocation.
Vocation He is a teacher by vocation.
Bail He is realized on bail.
Bale These are 60 bales of cotton.
19 Barren Barren land produces nothing.
Baron Mr. Ali is baron by birth.
Battle. Battle of badar was fought between the muslins and the non Muslims.
War He participated in World war II.
21 Bear Bear is a dangerous animal.
Beer We dislike beer to drink.
22 Berth All the berths are reserved in this rtain.
Birth What is your date of birth?
23 Beat The teacher is beating the students.
Beet Beet is a useful vegetable
24 Beside He is sitting beside me.
Besides Besides Ali all were present.
25 Born I was born in Gujrat.
Borne Many hardships were borne by me in my life.
26 Break He broke window pane
Brake The brakes of my car are lose,
27 Bow The Muslims bow before Allah.
Bough A tree has many boughs.
28 Breath His breath stopped and he died at once.
Breathe He is breathing in the fresh air.
29 Bridal She looke beautiful in her bridal dress.
Bridle He pull the bridle of his horse.
30 Cast What is the cost of this pen?
Caste He is butt by caste.
31 Calendar This is a calendar of this year.
Calendar His calendar is out of order.
32 Canon He is a man of simple cannons.
Cannon Cannons are used in war.
33 Cease They agreed on cease fire.
Seize His bus engine was seize.
34 Ceiling This ceiling fan is out of order.
Sealing Salesman is sealing the packet.


and some Homonyms will be next . So go to next and read all the homonyms.These are same sound but meaning is very different.

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