Learn Free Ms Word

Microsoft Word:

Ms word is a word processing program that is providing the facilities for documentation. You can creates and type letters, reports, newsletters, brochures etc.

There we are starting Ms word step by step. There some content add for your help.

Features of Microsoft word:

Following are some important features of Microsoft word

1. Tool bars

This feature is used to display shortcut  buttons to make editing and formatting quicker and easier in Ms word.

2. Undo & Redo

A Word provides and undo features, which is use to remove the effect of last action. For example, if a paragraph is deleted by mistake, it can be recovered back on the screen by using the undo command. Action can be done again by using redo.

3. Formatting

Microsoft word provides printing facility. You can change the color, background color size and style of you text. you can apply formatting on characters. paragraphs and whole pages.

4. Printing 

Word provides printing facility. You can print you documents to get a hard copy. Printing can be of whole document.

5. Header and footer

Header feature is use display text at the top of each page. Footer is text that appears at the bottom of each page.

6. Office assistant

The Office assistant feature gives you tips during you work. it can be use to get help about Ms word.

7. Styles

The use of styles in a Word allows to quickly format a document with a consistent and professional look.  paragraph and character styles can be designed, save, changed and delete.

8. Bullets and Numbering 

Bullets and numbering is use to display a list of items with a symbol or number at the start of each line. It makes the text more readable and decorated.

9. Auto shapes & Graphics

Ms word provides basic shapes like rectangle and circle to inset in document. These are auto shapes. The user can also insert an images and graphs in a document. It also provide the facility to create images.

10. Merges 

It is used merge test from one file unto other file. It is useful to generate files that has same format but different data. Generating mailing label is an example of using merges.


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