Navigating Through Worksheet

Navigating Through Worksheet:

Ms Excel can hold a large amount of information. The mouse and the scroll bars can be used to navigate the sheet. The following navigating techniques can be used in Ms Excel.

Action Result
Click cell It makes the cell active.
Enter It moves the active cell one cell down.
Shift +Enter It moves the active cell one cell up.
Tab It moves the active cell one cell to the right.
Shift+ Tab It moves the active cell one cell to the left.
Arrow Keys It moves active cell left, right up, or down one row or column.
Home It moves the active cell to column A of the current row.
Crtl+ Home It moves the active cell to A1.
End It moves the active cell to the last cell in spreadsheet with data.
Ctrtl +End It moves the active cell to the last cell in spreadsheet with data.
Page Up Or page Down It moves the active cell up or down by one screen full of rows.


Entering Data in a cell:

Cell is the basic unit for entering data in a worksheet. The user can enter data in the cell by simply typing on the keyboard when a cell is select. Formula bar can also be used to enter data in the select cell.

The following procedure is use to enter data in a cell Select the cell in which data is to entere.

Type the data:

Press the Enter on the keyboard.

Types of Data;

Different types of data used in MS Excel are as follows


Text entries include any letters, numbers, and symbols. A single cell can hold up to 32,000 characters as text.


Values are usually numeric entries and used in calculations on the sheet. Numbers can be formatted to appear in different ways. They can appear with or without currency symbols or with as many decimal places as required. Numbers that contain too many digits for the width of the column are displayed as hash symbols (###). The number displays correctly when the column is wide enough.


Dates are the values that can use in calculations to create new dates or calculate time intervals.

The following table gives some examples of different data formats.


Formulas are the instructions that perform calculations on the sheet. Formula may be very simple or very complex. The result of a formula can be number, data or message And formula begins with an equal sign(=) followed by one or more values to calculate. The values can be entered directly into the formula. It is more effective to enter values on sheet and refer to those cells in the formula.

Fill Handle

Fill Handle is a time saving tool. It can automatically fill in a common series of words, number patterns and formula. Auto fill makes data entry fast and efficient. So a black square in the bottom right corner of active cell can be dragged to fill adjacent cells with appropriate data. For example, if fill handle is dragged on a cell that contains the word Monday excel will fill the adjacent cells with Tuesday Wednesday etc.

Filling in a common series:

The following procedure is use to fill a common series:

  • Select the initial cell for the series.
  • Place mouse over fill handle. The mouse appears as small black plus sign called crosshairs.
  • Drag handle over the cells to be filled. An auto Tip appears showing the result. Release the mouse button. Excel fills in the cells as follows:

Filling in a series of number:

The following procedure is use to fill in a series of numbers:

  • Insert a number in first cell.
  • Insert second number in the adjacent cell.
  • Selection both cells.
  • Drag fill handle to the required cell.
  • Release the mouse.


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