Some students spend a few hours studying yet score the best grades. Others practically live in the library and are surrounded by books yet post dismal grades. Have some people found the keys to effective learning while others are left behind?

The effective study habits for every student

Good grades and an enjoyable college experience will depend on whether or not you adopt effective study habits. There is a range of study habits that will help you to attain the desired study goals. Here are some of the best study habits to transform you into a smart learner.

An efficient learner plans study time

The most efficient learner takes full charge of his study time. Identify the time available for studies whilst allocating time for other activities like socialization and personal projects. Identify the best time to study, relax, work, and engage with friends.

Planning and homework apps will help you to manage your time better. By listing all your assignments, you have a better idea of the reasonable time to allocate to each task. The apps also help you to recognize priority assignments to avoid missing deadlines. Choose an app that can send alerts and synchronize with other apps you may need to organize your time.

Work on your troublesome areas

One of the perfect ways to do your best at school is to recognize problematic areas. Isolate topics, units, or disciplines that lower your grade each semester. Get tuition help or use homework assistants.

While you might perform well in another area, the few units bring down your grades. Discuss the study challenges you could be facing with your tutor. You may also get help from peers and seniors. Help your classmates with their difficult areas and they will reciprocate by lifting you in the areas you are having trouble with.

Use alternative study materials

One of the proven effective ways of studying is diversifying your study materials. Each course comes with specific reference materials. The materials include books, articles, journals, and web links, among others. The selected materials only act as a guide. There are many more resources you can use to enhance your productivity.

Check YouTube for demo videos on different study concepts you encounter in class. Watch lectures by other tutors or presentations by scholars in other forums. Pick other books from the library apart from what is provided in the reading list. They give you a different approach to the same question. They may also use words or methods that make the complex ideas easier to understand.

Do your best at school and discuss with friends and classmates

Talk to your friends, teachers, seniors, and family members about how to be more effective in studying. Approach the top performers in class for tips. Peers in class, seniors, and people around you could understand the subjects you are struggling with easily. They will help you to find solutions to your academic challenges as well as boost your performance.

In the course of the discussion, you will find new study materials or tricks to improve your productivity. As you share your ideas with peers or help them with their problematic subjects, you will internalize them better. It also takes a shorter time studying together than when you study alone.

Revise your class examples to be more effective

The most effective way of studying is revising the examples given in class. Read through the notes you took in class. The exams or tests you sit through will be based on the content you studied in class. The content is also simplified for your level. It is easier to understand because you are familiar with the presentation made in class. Revise using the examples and materials given in class.

You may also involve your peers and classmates. They were present in class during the presentation. If you did not understand a particular section, they will help you to understand it. Your tutor is also available in case you need help with any topic discussed in class.

The most effective way of studying is practice

Do not go to bed or wait too long before practicing what you learned in class. Experts on how to study productively recommend several hours of practice to internalize the concepts. By practicing when the concept is still fresh, you internalize it better. You will not forget and, therefore, require someone to remind you. Use other methods and materials to enhance your understanding of the concept.


Each person has unique and effective study habits that will produce the school grades. The strategies may also change from time to time based on the course or unit you are handling. Choose a combination that will work for you in the prevailing circumstances. Evaluate and adjust your strategies to maintain top performance on all subjects and units.