Printing A Document 2007


Printing A document 2007: The user can printing a document after completing it. All word processors provide the facility of printing documents. The following procedure is use to print a document:

First of all open Ms word 2007.

  • click office button and see drop down menu there will print option bring the mouse on it.

  • There you will be see three options fist print second quick print and third print preview

 or Press CTRL+P. The Print dialog box will appear as follows:

The Print dialog box contains different option about printing. Some important options are as follows:

Name                       It indicates the printer that is use for printing the document.

Page range            It is use to specify the page to be printed.

Number of copies    It is use to specify the number copies to be print.

2.  Select the required option and click ok button. The document will be printe according to  the specified options.

Video in English:

Print preview

Print preview is use to see the document on screen exactly as ti will look when it is printed. Word also provides basic editing functions in print preview

  1. Place the insertion point in the page where you want to see the preview.
  2. Select file > Print preview. the print preview screen will appear.
  3. Click once in the documetn and the mouse cursor will change to a zoom tool.
  4. Click on document again to view it more closely and click again to zoom back out.

Exiting  word

The process of closing ms word is called exiting word. When the user exits work, all open files are closed. If there are unsaved files,Word will ask the user to save them before exiting.

It is best to save or close all open documents before exiting word. The following procedure si used to exit word:

  • Double click word icon on top left of Ms word window .Or
  • click close button on top right f word window. Or
  • Select File > Exit.Or
  • Press Alt + F 4

In topic we teach to things of Ms Word, One thing Printing ,how print a document in different way.and other things how exiting a word document.

video in Urdu:

thanks for reading and watching.

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