Naat & Qawali

Naats and Qawali:

Islam is a big religion so very site are working at the different point. we are trying to add some naats and qawali . Many people like Naat and qawali so we add all Naat reader and Qawali. All New naat and Qawli,


Na’at (Urdu: نعت‎, refers to poetry in praise of Allah and his lovely Prophet Muhammad (SAW).  Naats commonly  reading in Pashto. Bengali, Urdu or And Punjabi language. arbic country recite naat in arbic language. People who recite naat are known as naat khawan or sana’a-khua’an.

Anwar sabri qawwal firozabadi


Once an author came to Darbaar-e-Risalat  staring praise of  prophet Muhammad with poetry. Even He is poet before Islam. and best poet in these days. after accepting the Islam he gave a new turn to his potry and started naat.

He was famous for his poetry that defended Muhammad in response to rival poets that attacked him and his religion. Therefore, Hassan is known as the first sana-khawaan (naat reciter) of that time. After that many a poet followed this trend and totally dedicated themselves to writing naats.



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