Tab,Remove Paragraph Formats


Tab,Remove Paragraph Formats:

A tab stop is a measure position to place and align text at a specific place on page. It can use to set out text and figures in columns. Tab stops are Pre-set at 1.27 cm (0.5”) intervals from left margin. When the user presses Tab, the insertion point moves to the next tab stop in the current paragraph.

Characteristics of Tabs:

Following are the characteristics of Tab:

Position                       :It is the physical distance from the left hand margin of the page.

Alignment            It is the way the text is arrange relative to that position. It can left align,Right align, Central and decimal.

Tab type Purpose
Left (Normal) The text will begin at tab position and continue to the right of tab
Right The text will end at the tab and flow to the left.
Center The text is centered at the tab location.
Decimal The decimal tab is used to line up numbers and text with a period. This is useful of a group of numbers or a list of instructions.
Bar The bar tab is use to add a vertical line at that position. this can use when you want to set off some text.

Setting Tab stops using Ruler:

The following produce is use to set tab stops using ruler:

  1. Select the paragraph for which tabs are to set.
  2. Click Tab Alignment button at the far left of Ruler bar until the correct tab alignment button is display.
  3. Click the lower half of the  ruler bar at the require position for the tab.

Setting Tab stops using Menu:

Leader characters can use to fill the bland space before tabs in table of contents etc,There are three types of leader characters. These are full stops, hyphens and underlines as show below:

Chapter 1…………………………………. 3

Chapter 2—————————-15

Chapter 3_________________23

The following procedure is use to set tab stop using menu:

  1. Select the require paragraph.
  2. Click Format >Tabs. the tabs dialog box display.
  3. Enter a measurement value for a tab stop in Tab stop position box OR select existing tab stop to modify.
  4. specify the require alignment in Alignment area and leader style in leader area.
  5. Click set.
  6. Repeat until all tab stops are set and Click OK.

Set Default Tab Stops:

The default tab is space every 1/2” (1.27 cm) along ruler bar. It can reset as follows:

  1. Select Format > Tabs. The tabs dialog box display.
  2. Type require setting in Default Tab stops box OR select setting with arrow keys.
  3. Click OK.

Delete a Tab Stop:

The following procedure is use to delete a tab stop:

  1. Select the paragraph containing the tabs to delete.
  2. Drag the tab marker upwards or downwards off the Ruler bar

Move a Tab Stop:

The following procedure is use to Move a Tab Stop:

  1. Select the paragraph containing the tabs to move.
  2. Drag the tab marker to require position.

Remove Paragraph Formats:

When user presses Enter, all formats from current paragrph are carry to the next paragraph. The paragraph formatting can remove as follows:

  • Select the text containing the formats to remove and press CTRL +Q .



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