Text Editing in Documents

Typing and Editing Text

The processing of typing text in a document is called entering text. The processing of changing the existing document is called text editing . The word processor places a blinking insertion point at the top left corner of screen. It is known as cursor. The cursor indicates the location where the next character will place in the document. It moves forward on the screen as the user types. The cursor moves to the next line as it reaches the end of line.

Word processing allows the user to change some text without retyping the whole document. It is different from type writer where the user has to type the whole document again. there are many ways to edit an existing document. The following shortcut keys are using to move in the document easily :

Beginning of Line                                 HOME

End of the line                                     END

Top of the document                            CTRL+HOME

End of the document                           CTRL+END

Selection of Text of Graphics 

Selection text is one of the most important action in ms word. Text should be selected before applying some actions on it such as copying, deleting or format. The selected text appears highlighted.

Do This                                                    Cursor           To select

Click and drag across one character             I                   A Character

Click and drag across several characters      I                  Multiple characters

Double click a word                                     I                   A word

click in the line and then drag

down to the beginning of the

next line.                                                    I                 part of line of text

Selecting Text With keyboard 

SHIFT + Left arrow                    A character or multiple character

SHIFT+END                              To end of line

SHIFT+HOME                           To beginning of line 

CTRL+SHIFT+HOME                To top of document 

CTRL+SHIFT+END                   To bottom of document 

CTRL+A                                   The whole document 

Modes of Typing 

There are two modes of typing text in a document:

Insert Mode:

Insert mode is use to insert text in the existing document. The existing character moves to the right side when the user types a character. It is the default mode of MS word.

The following procedure is use to write text in insert mode:

  • Place the cursor where the text is to be type in insert mode.
  • Press the insert key.  The over type   mode will activate. Th [OVR]  option on status bar will highlight.
  • Type any Text. The existing text will overwrite by new text.

Deleting text and Graphics

The following methods are used to delete text and graphics in a document:

  • Use the Backspace and Delete keys on the keyboard to delete text. Backspace will delete text to the left of the cursor and Delete will erase text to the right
  • To delete  more than a few characters select the text to be delete and press  Backspace or Delete,  or choose  clear from Edit menu.

      Press:                                                                     To 

BACKSPACE                                   Delete one character to the left 

CTRL+BACKSPACE                        Delete one Word to the left 

DELETE                                         Delete one character to the Right

CTRL+DELETE                               Delete one Word to the Right

CTRL+X                                         Cut selected text to the clipboard 

CTRL+Z                                          Undo the last Action


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