The Donkey Trapped in his own Trick


The Donkey Trapped in his own Trick

Once, a miller lived in a village. He had a short, stout donkey.He transported salt to a city to earn his living. He used his donkey for this purpose.

One day, donkey put salt on the back of his donkey and proceeded to the city merrily. There lay a shallow stream on the way. The miller and the donkey had to wade through it.

When they reached the middle of the stream, the donkey made a false move , stumbled on and fell down. As the load was very heavy, the donkey could not stand up at once . The miller made every  endeavor to make him stand but to no avail. After a while much of the salt was washed off in the rushing water of the stream. The load became less and light Then the donkey stood up easily. To his amazement, he found the burden very light,

He was very happy to be unburdened so quickly and nicely .

The next day, when they were wading through the steam, the donkey sat down intentionally on the same spot. He kept sitting in the water until a good deal of the salt dissolved into the water. The miller saw through the trick of donkey. He decided to teach him a lesson.

On the third day, he loaded him with a huge bale of cotton. The donkey, again playing the trick, sat dawn on purpose in the middle of the stream. But the cotton became swollen  with water. when the donkey stood up, he found that the load had became much heavier. he could hardly walk. And thus his rick recoiled on him, for he now carried on his back a double burden. He decided never to repeat the trick again.


Wisdom rules over cunning.

                Don not play foul games.

                Tit for tat.

                He who digs a pit for others, himself falls into it.

 As you sow so shall you reap.

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