The Slave and a Lion


Slave and a Lion:

In ancient times a merciless master had many slave. Androcles  was one of them. The master was a sadist. He tormented the slaves just for fun and joy. Although Androcles always did his work diligently.  His master never satisfied his work,and tortured him severely. One day, He manged to run away form the tyranny of his master.

He took refuge in an isolated cave in a wilderness. There, one day, he happened to come across a fierce lion. The lion had a luxuriant mane and huge flashing eyes. The slave extremely frightened. But then he observed that the lion was limping and moaning with pain. He also observed that one of his paws was badly stolen. He saw that a big thorn had pierced it. As he was a kind hearted.

person, he decided to relieve the wretched lion of his plight . He observed the lion’s gesture for a while, Finally he took the risk. He mustered up courage, went near the lion vigilantly and extracted the thorn form his paw.The lion heaved a sigh of relief and cast a look of gratitude at his. After a long time, the soldiers of the master captured the slave an s brought him before the ruthless master. The master decided to cast the unfortunate He before a hungry lion as, a warning for the other slaves.

On the fixed day,

The slave thrown into an amphitheater. The gate of a heavy cage opened and a fierce lion vaulted out. The lion came bouncing across the field. He approached the slave and recognized him as the man who had helped him in his distress. Instead of attacking him, the lion began to lick the slave’s feet. As soon as the master heard the incident of the slave’s kindheartedness and bravery.He was moved to tears. He ordered the lion to be set free again in the forest.And the He to be pardoned and freed.


            Do good and have good.

             Virtue never goes  waste unrewarded.

             One good turn deserves another.


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