The Styles

Styles in Ms Word:

Styles in Ms Word are used to define the appearance of various text elements in a document such as heading. caption body text. styles save a lot of time pent in formatting document. styles give consistent look to documents. They make formatting easier to apply.

Styles also offer an advantage in revising document formats. When a style is changed. all paragraphs that are formatted with that style are automatically changed. The user can apply character or paragraph formatting or both in one simple operation.

Using style Gallery:

  • Select Format > Theme. The theme dialog box appears.
  • Click Style Gallery….The Style Gallery dialog box appears.
  • Select the desired template fro Template scroll box.
  • Select one of the following preview options to preview the style in different ways:
Preview  option Function
Document Displays the active document as it will look formatted with the styles from the selected template.
Style samples Displays sample text formatted with style from selected template
  • Click OK to update the styles in the active document. Or click Cancel to return to document without making any changes.

Main Types of styles:

Character styles: It includes any options available from Font dialog box such as bold, italic,and underline. The character styles store only character formatting and apply to selected text or to the entire word containing the insertion point.

Paragraph styles:

It includes character and paragraph formatting,tab setting , paragraph positioning. ,borders and shading. Paragraph styles store both character and paragraph formatting and apply to select paragraphs or paragraph.

Formatting Paragraphs Character
Font yes Yes
Font size Yes Yes
Font enhance Yes Yes
Line Spacing Yes No
Margins Yes No
Tab Setting Yes No
Borders Yes No

Applying style:

The following procedure is use to apply style:

  1. place the cursor in  the paragraph where the style will be apply.
  2. Click style drop-down menu on Formatting toolbar & select a style by clicking on it.
  3. To apply same style to multiply paragraphs, Double click Format Painter Button  on the standard toolbar and click in all the paragraphs.
  4. Press the Esc key to disable the format painter.

Applying Style from style Dialog box:

The  following procedure is use to apply style from style dialog box.

  • Click in any paragraph to apply a style.
  • Select Format > style….. from menu bar.
  • choose all styles from list drop-down menu to view available styles.
  • The styles are displayed in the styles list. Preview each style by clicking once on the name. Paragraph styles are preceded by paragraph symbol and characters style are proceeded by a an ”a” icon
  • Highlight the style you want to apply to the paragraph and click apply.

Creating Simple style from style Dialog Box:

The following procedure is use to create a simple style from style dialog box :

  1. Select Format > Style….. from menu bar.
  2. Click New button on style dialog box to access New style dialog box. 
  3. Type the name fro the new style in Name field.
  4. Select  ”Paragraph” or ”character” from style type drop-down menu.
  5. Click Format button at bottom of window and select any option to make change.
  6. Press OK to set the style and close New style dialog box:
  7. Click apply on style dialog box o apply the new style to the current paragraph.

Modify or Rename a style:

An exiting style can change from he style dialog box as followings.

  • Select Format > Style.… From menu bar.
  • Highlight the style from styles list that to modify and click modify button.
  • Use the same methods to modify the style form Modify style dialog box hat were seed for method new style box.
  • Types a new name in Name field to rename the style.
  • Click OK to finish.
  • Click apply to update the style in the document.

Deleting a style:

Present styles created by Ms word cannot be deleted. the user- defined styles can be delete as following.

  1. Select Format > Style.…..from menu bar.
  2. Highlight the style from styles list that is to be deleted.
  3. Click Delete button., A dialog box will confirm the deletion
  4. Press Yes. The style will be delete.
  5. Click close on the dialog box.


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