Theb Hare and The Tortoise story


Once a Hare and a Tortoise were friends. The hare was a good runner. He was proud of it. The tortoise had a slow Tortoise Story


One day the hare said to the tortoise. ”what fun it will be if we run a race!.”Let us try” replied the tortoise, and they started. The hare go off swiftly. But after running half a mile he said to himself ”why should i hurry?

I shall take a little rest.That lazy fellow is a long way behind. The hare lay down to rest. He soon fell into a sound sleep. the tortoise went on slowly but, steadily and in time he reached the sleeping here.He passed the tortoise went on slowly but steadily and in time he reached the sleeping hare. He passed on quietly to the goal as fast as he could. just as the tortoise reached the winning post, the hare awoke. he again began the race.

To his shame and surprise found that the tortoise was already at the post . the hare was beaten in the race by the steady going tortoise.

MORAL:    Slow and steady winds the race .

                       Pride has a fall

In this lesson we have got a lesson that any person who work hard he will achieve his goal. 


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