Truth always Triumphs


Truth always Triumphs: 

Once, the patents of Abdul Qadir Gilani decided to send to him to Baghdad for learning. At the time of his departure, his mother gave him forty golden coins as the provisions for journey. She advised him to speak the truth always.

With a caravan, He started his journey to Baghdad. On the way, when the caravan was passing through a desert. A gang of robbers attacked then and robbed all the passengers of their possessions. One of the dacoits came to Abdul Qadir and asked what he owned.

Abdul Qadir replied that he owned forty golden coins. The dacoit searched him thoroughly to find the coins but could not succeed in detecting any. He asked Abdul Qadir where the coins were. Abdul Qadir said that they were sewn in his clothes. The robber was deeply impressed by this truth. He took Abdul Qadir to the leader of the gang and told him the whole story. The leader asked Abdul Qadir why he had not save his money by telling a lie. Abdul Qadir said that his mother had advised him to speak the truth always.

Therefore, he had acted upon his mothers’s advice. This reply of Abdul Qadir moved the leader to tears. The leader thought that the little boy had preferred the advice of his mother to the golden coins while he had disobeyed Allah for them.

He at once decided to renounce all his evil deeds and repented deeply of his sins. All the robbers followed their leader and did penance. They returned the looted luggage to the passengers and decided to adopt the path of virtue.


              Truth always triumphs. 

              Virtue nerve goes waste/ unrewarded. 

               Virtue generates virtue. 

In this story we teach that never tell a lie at any metter of life. so always speak truth.

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