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USB Virus Scan 2.4.4 Build 0712 Full Version (Install + Portable):

About USB Virus Scan:

USB thumb drives and removable hard disks are now common throughout the workplace. They have considerable storage capacity and great for productivity. However, they also cause new problems at the same time:
1.Data leakage: USB Virus scan account information, bids, contracts and much more commercial confidentiality data can easily be downloaded onto any removable media devices- from a memory stick to ipod . And once it leaves your computer, the integrity of that sensitive data is at risk.

Virus infection:

more and more viruses and Trojans infect computer via USB storage devices, once an infected USB drives is plugged into computer,the worms in it will spread through the whole system.
Most of major antivirus products such as Kaspersky,Bit defender can do little about this new type of USB

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Support all kinds of external removable media
- Pen Drives ,USB Cameras, USB Flash cards ,USB MP3 players
- USB Audio players
- External hard drives
- Pocket PCs
- Mobile phones
- iPod’s and iPhone’s
- Other USB mass storage enabled device

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