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Graphing in excel

Graphing: The following example will show you how to make a scatter plot, add a linear regression trend line, and how to fine tune the graphs appearance. Making a scatter plot   Box 3. Graphing basics. Once your graph is made

Entering formulas

Entering formulas: Note that Excel refers to formulas as functions. There are two ways to enter formulas in Excel, either use one of the functions already programmed in Excel, or enter your own from scratch. Entering your own formula. To enter your own

Starting Ms Excel

Excel Tutorial: This tutorial is designed to aid biology students with their first few Excel spreadsheet applications. Excel and most other spreadsheet programs are very powerful applications with far too many features to learn all in one sitting. If you

Learn Free MS Excel2007

Introduction: A spreadsheet looks a lot like a table you might see in a word processing package,but it has some very important features that most tables do not. Firstly, spreadsheets are designed to make repetitive and/or complicated calculations very easy to