Daily English conversation

Daily English conversation:

Daily English conversation:welcome to hubofstudy.com every person want to speak English language. we are going teach English language in  very easy method. we are adding following contents you just click then and learn. There are English question ans available.So you can easily learn.

Asking about Age 

conversation asking about age:

Q:      How old are you?

Ans:  I’m 20 years old.what about you?

Q:     Do you have any brother and sisters?

Ans: Yes,I have one brother and two sisters.

Q:     How old are they?

Ans: My brother is 20 years old. My older sister is 25 years old and my younger sister is 17 years old.

Q:     How about your mother and your father, How old are they?

Ans:  My father is 50 years old and my mother is 48 years old.

Asking about Occupation:

Q:     We haven’t seen each other for a long time.How are you then?

Ans: I’m all right. By the way what are you doing now?

Ans: I work in an imported office./ I work in a CNG station.

Q:     So, you’r an importer?

Ans:  No, I’m a secretary and what about you?

Q:      What is your occupation?

Ans:  I’m a teacher.

Q:      What about your fiancee, what is he/she.

Ans:  He’s/she’s  doctor/ teacher / account/principal/manger/etc.

Q:      Where does she/he work?

Ans:  He/she teaches in AbC university/college

Q:      What is his title?

Ans: He is a Professor/lecturer.

Q:      What do you do?

Ans:  I’m a teacher.

Q:     What’s your title?

Ans: I’m a Professor.

Q:     Where do you teach?

Ans: I teach in ABC university.

Q:    What does your father do?/What’s your father occupation?

Ans: He’s teacher/Doctor/account/

Q:    What does your brother do?/What’s your father occupation?

Ans: He’s a teacher/Doctor/account/

Asking For help:

Q:        Are you busy?

Ans:    No, i am free. what can i do for you?

Ans:    Please help me….

Q:       what for?

Ans:   please accompany me to the bookstore.I want buy some books..

Ans:   OK, but wait a moment please. I’ll ask my mother for permission first.

Asking about day:

Q:        What day is it today?

Ans:    It’s Tuesday.

Ans/Q:        So,tomorrow will be Wednesday?

Ans/Q:    Yes,why are you asking about the day?

At the Airport:

Q:         Where are you going?

Ans:      I’m going to japan.

Q:          What for?

Ans:      For study/For job/For working.

At the Party:

Q:          Hello Suleman, How is My party?

Ans:      very good.

Q            Do you enjoy it?

Ans:       yes very much.

Q:           By the way,did you invite all of your friends?

Ans:       Yes,almost all of them are my friends and also my family and relative.

Being a Guest:

Q:          Who is knocking at the door?

Ans:       I’m Imran.

Q:           Excuse me,is this Mr.Ahmad house?

Ans:       Yes it is.

Q:           By the way,who are you?

Ans:       I’m his friend from England.

Q:            Is he in?

Ans:       Yes, he is in.Please come in.

Please Sit down. Wait a minute.I call him.

Ans:       Sure i will wait Thank you.



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