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The Interjections

The interjections:   The Interjections:These are exclamations, or exclamatory sounds: as to express the sudden feelings and emotions of joy, pain, surprise, anger, hatred, etc. They are generally marked by or a question mark. Call Ha!  Hello! Grief Oh! Alack:

use of Correct prepositions

use of Correct prepositions:       Correct prepositions :we are discuss about Very important fill in the blanks with correct propositions.The lesson is very big so we divide it into some parts like Part 1 He is good at

All Preposition

All Preposition: in the following chart, there are the most commonly use preposition divided into Four portion because it is very lengthy so we divide it into some parts. Apply for درخواست دینا Abound in کثرت ہونا Addicted to عادی

The Preposition

The Preposition: The Preposition is a word which is usually placed before a noun (or pronoun) for showing the relation between the noun or pronoun and another word in a sentence. A preposition is usually followed by a noun or

The Article

  The article: The words ”a”  ”an” and ”the” are articles. These are also adjective and limit the meanings of nouns. Each one indicates that the noun refer to someone or something general. Definite Article: The word ”the” is regarded

use of Adjectives

use of Adjectives:   we also discus rules and previous lesson now we are discuss next rules 8.  If two adjectives are being joined or combined within one sentence. The degrees of adjectives must be of equal level or case.

Some rules for the position and the use of adjectives

Some rules for the position and the use of Adjectives: 1.    Generally an adjective is place before any noun, as the following examples show: سے پہلے لگاتے ہیں(noun)کسی(Adjective) عام طور پر ایک اسم صفت One graceful vase was set in

The Adjective

The Adjective:     The Adjective is A word which modifies a noun or pronoun is called an adjective. OR an adjective is a word which is used to qualify a noun or pronoun.   کی وضاحت کرتا ہے اسم

The Positions of the Adverb

The Positions of the Adverb:       There are 6 point for understanding the position of adverb. 1.      if an adverb modifies an in-transitive verb, it is placed after the verb.   فعل کی وضاحت کرےیا ہیئت

The Adverb

The Adverb: An adverb is a word which is use to qualify or modify a verb,an adjective or an other adverb. ایڈورب ایک لفظ ہےجو ایک ورب،اسم صفت یا کسی دوسرے ایڈورب کو کوئی خوبی دیتا ہے ۔یا اس کی

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