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Hide or Display gridline, colors and headings

Hide or Display gridline, colors and headings: Hide or Display gridline, colors and headings :Gridlines on the creen will not print if they  are not selected from page setup, colors used on screen are printed as shades of gray on

Features of MS Excel

Features of MS Excel: Following are some important features of Ms Excel: Toolbar’s Many toolbars displaying shortcut buttons are available to make editing and formatting quicker and easier in MS excel. Header and footers Header feature is use to automatically

Spreadsheet Introduction

Spreadsheet: First of all we discuss about Spreadsheet program that is use for calculations. It provides work sheets to enter data. A worksheet is a collection of rows and columns. It always you to make different calculations using formulas and


Template: A template is a document with preset formatting and settings. It acts as a basic structure for a document. Ms Word provides templates as a guide for creating readable, uniform document. For example, blank word documents are based on

Mail Merge

Mail Merge:   Mail Merge feature in MS Word is used to create one form letter and data document that are used to send bulk mailings. It consists of six main steps. For example, students can create one letter that

Auto shapes Word Art, Hyperlinks

Auto shapes: Ms Word also provides basic shapes like rectangle and circle to insert in the document. These are known as auto shapes. These shapes are available in drawing toolbar. The auto Shapes toolbar on drawing toolbar is used to

Graphics in Ms Word

Graphics in Ms Word: Graphics are frequently used in word processing. Almost all word processors provide the facility to use graphics. Ms word provides many tools to manipulate graphics. These are two types of graphics that can be used ms

Inserting and deleting rows and columns

Inserting and deleting rows and columns: The user can insert new rows and column in an existing table. It is also possible to delete rows and columns from an existing table. The data stored in the row or columns is

Typing and Moving within Table

Typing and Moving within Table: You can press Tab to go to the next cell and Shift +Tab to go the previous cell. A new row will be inserted if you press Tab key in the last cell. Selecting Table: There

Tables in Ms Word

Tables in Ms Word: Tables in Ms word: A table consists of columns and rows. A group of table cells arrange vertically is called column. A group f table cells arranged horizontally is a called row. The cells are forms

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