The Ass in Lion’s Skin


The Ass in Lion’s Skin

Once , an ass managed top escape from his master. He ran away into the jungle. By chance,there he found a skin of lion.

He put on the Lion’s skin and began to roam in the jungle. wherever he went went , the animals were frightened and ran away form him. No animal had courage enough to confront him. Being so free to roam all over the green pastures.

He was profoundly delighted. To his bad luck, he saw his master wandering in search of him. He decided to frighten him. He suddenly came before him. As soon as the master saw a lion before him. He was frightened. He took to his heels to save his life.

The situation amused the ass so much  that he began to bray loudly.It was unbelievable. It was against nature. wonder arrested the master’s flight. He stopped to know the reality. The foolish donkey kept on braying  in the ecstasy of victory till the master recognized him by his unpleasant voice. He immediately came back, put a rope in this neck and tied him to a tree. Then he took a club and began to beat him severely. The ass realized his mistake, but it was too late. 


A false show leads to a miserable end.

Never pretend to be what you are not.


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