Features of MS Excel

Features of MS Excel:

Following are some important features of Ms Excel:


Many toolbars displaying shortcut buttons are available to make editing and formatting quicker and easier in MS excel.

Header and footers

Header feature is use to automatically display text at the top of each page. Footer is text that appears at the bottom of each page.

 Auto Fill

Auto Fill is the excel feature that allows you to automatically fill cell with a series of numbers, dates etc.

Office Assistant

Office Assistant gives tips during your work. It can be used to get help about MS Excel.


The use of styles in Excel allows to quickly formatting a document with a consistent and professional look. Paragraph and character styles can be designed. Saved, changed & deleted.

Spelling and Grammar Check

Spelling and Grammar features in Excel help the user correct and mistakes mad when typing in a sheet. Your misspelled words are highlighted. Spelling errors are highlighted by red underline and grammar errors by green underline.

Auto correct

Excel also use automatically corrects many commonly misspelled words and punctuation marks with the auto correct feature.

Auto format

Auto format feature automatically changes text as you type. and auto format includes such formatting as numbered and borders, capitalization, and common spelling errors.

The formula bar

It is also used to keep track of cell addresses and to easily enter formulas for calculation.

Built In functions

Excel has many built in function. The function name tells excel for a calculation to perform. You can apply lengthy calculations on worksheet easily by using these functions.


Sorting is the process of arranging your data in a particular order. You can sort the data in your worksheets in ascending or descending order.


Charts are graphical representation of your data. Excel provides different types of charts. These charts can formats, resize or move.


You can display required data in a worksheet by giving a criteria using this feature The remaining data will hide temporarily.


This feature is used to summarize you data with reference to a particular field. The summary of data may be sum, average or maximum etc.


If you have used a formula in a cell, you can find out which cells are used in that formula by using this feature.  Excel display arrows to al cells that are used in that formula.


This feature is used to protect a particular data or whole sheet for security point of view. You can also un-protect the protected data later.

Email worksheets

You can also email the worksheet to one or more persons directly from excel.


Excel also provides printing facility. You can print you documents to get a hard copy. Printing can be of whole document or of any require range.

Auto complete

This feature is used to complete your data automatically. If your are typing a word in a cell that has already use in another cell, excel can complete it automatically.


Re calculation is an important facility of excel and If you use a formula in a cell, the value is automatically recalculate if there is any change in the reference cell.

Setting up Goal Seek:

Goal Seek is use to change one variable to get the desire result. Suppose a student knows that he can afford a given monthly payment. He can change one variable such as price of the car, amount of down payment or another variable to arrive at that monthly payment.

The Goal seek command computes an unknown value that produces the desired final outcome. Suppose a user known that can afford to pay RS 500 per month for car loan and he will borrow Rs 200000 for 60 months He can use goal seek to compute the interest rate. Goal seek will compute the closest possible value instead f questing the interest rate.

The biggest advantage of a spreadsheet software such as excel is its ability to perform what- if analysis. This analysis is a process of changing the values in cells to see how those changes have an impact on the outcome of formula. For example, the user can analyze different mortgage payments based on different interest rates and terms.

Microsoft Excel:

Ms excel is use for calculations in tabular form so the main window is called a worksheet and It divide into a rows and columns. The intersection of a row and column is called cell. Cells contain the data, text and formulas used in calculation.

Rows are label by numbers (1,2,3……) and columns are labeled with letters (A,B,C…..AA,BB.CC….) cells are then labeled with both the column letter and row number in that order. For example, the highlighted cell in the figure below is cell A1. A cell is selecte (highlighted) by clicking the cursor on it. Only one cell can select at a given time and this cell is the active cell.

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