Features of Ms Power Point 2007

Microsoft power point

Features of Ms Power Point 2007: Power point is an application program that provides facilities for creating presentation. These presentations can be sued directly on the computer screen. You can also print them for different uses.

Features of Ms Power Point

Following are some important features of power point:


Many toolbars displaying shortcut buttons are available to make editing and formatting quicker and easier in MS Power point.

Auto Content Wizard

The Auto content Wizard provides templates and ideas for a variety of presentation types. It guides the user to create presentation by just following simple steps.

Design Template

Power point provides many templates with different backgrounds and text formatting to begin you presentation.

Speaker notes:

Power point provides the facility to add speaker notes to a presentation. The note can be prepared to remember important points during presentation. The user can also prepare for audience. Speaker notes are added to the slides as a reference for the presenter. An area of a slide that is hidden during the presentation is reserved for notes.

Audio & video

You can add sounds and video in presentation. It enhances the effects of presentation.

Bullets and numbering

Bullets and numbering is use to display a list of items with a symbol or number at the start of each line. It makes the text more readable and decorated.

Slide Transitions

Slide transitions are the visual movements as one slide changes to another. By default, one slide simply replaces previous screen. It looks like a slide show of photographs that change form slide to next. Power point provides 50 different slide transitions.

Auto shapes

Power point allows you to draw many different geometrical shapes, arrows, flow chart symbols, stars, and banners on the slides.

   Slide layouts slide Types

There are several different types of slide layouts in power point. Different slide slyouts can use depending on the types of presentation being create. So the user can also use the same slide layout for many slides.


Power point provides printing facility. You can print your slides to get a hard copy. Printing can be of whole presentation or f any require range.


Ms power point has wide range of formatting facilities. You can change the color, background color, size and style of your text. You can apply formatting on characters, paragraphs and whole pages.

Design themes

A design themes is use to create resemblance between different slides. Different slide can have different layouts and graphics, the whole presentation goes together as attractive package. The background color /images and font are all coordinated for similar look.

Email slide

You can also email presentations to one or more persons directly from power point.

Animation you can animate the contents of your presentations. Different types of movements can apply. It makes your presentation more attractive.

Animation scheme

Animation schemes are use to add preset visual effects to paragraphs, bulleted items and titles from different animation groupings. These groupings are subtle, moderate and exciting. The use of an animation scheme keeps the project consistent in appearance. It is a quick way to enhance presentation.

Custom Animation or Animation Effects

Custom animation or animation effects are the motions apply to objects on a slide such as pictures, text and graphics. So custom animations are different from transitions. Transitions are apply to the slide itself but animation are applied to the objects on slide.

Rehearse Timing

The user should rehearse the presentation by progressing through the presentation as if he is seeing it for the first time. The time required to complete the presentation can also record. It is important to specify the time for each slide to stay on the screen.

Power point viewer

Power point viewer is a small add in program to play presentation on any computer even if power point is not install on it. It can run as a separate program on computer and can be added to the list of files when the presentation is sorted on CD.

Slide master

Power Point offers many design templates to create attractive presentations. However, the user can customize color and design of a presentation according to his choice. It is possible to change the design of slide layout and format text on each slide using slide master.

Handouts and Notes

Handouts are prints of slides or outline or presentation to give to participants. A handout may contain may contain 2,3,4,6 or 9 slides. and notes can use to remember important points during presentation or to provide help to the audience about the background information of slide, the handouts and note master can have drawing objects, pictures, header and footers.

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