Mail Merge

Mail Merge:


Mail Merge feature in MS Word is used to create one form letter and data document that are used to send bulk mailings. It consists of six main steps. For example, students can create one letter that contains form fields and then enter the required names and addresses called data source. These are merged into the main document letter. The Mail Merge  wizard to use to complete mail merge process in different ways.

Using Mail merge

The following procedure is use to create a form letter and Mail merge letter with data list:

  1. Select Tools > Letters and Mailings > Mail Merge. Mail merge task pane appears.
  2. Choose the type of document to create such as letters.
  3. Click Next: starting document to move to step 2.
  4. Select use the current document.
  5. Click Next: select recipients to move to step 3.
  6. Select type a new list option.
  7. Click creates to create a data source. The new address list dialog box appears.

Perform the following steps to edit new address list:

  • Click Customize button. The customize address list dialog box appears.
  • Select a field and click Delete.
  • Click Yes to confirm to delete the field.
  • Continue to delete any unnecessary fields.
  • Click rename. The rename field dialog box appears.
  • Enter the new name for the field in To: field.
  • Continue to rename any fields necessary.
  • Click OK to close customize address list dialog box.
  • Enter the necessary data in new address list dialog box.
  1. Click new entry to enter another record.
  2. Click close after entering all data records.
  3. Enter the file name to save the data list.
  4. Choose the location to save the file.
  5. Click save. The mail merge recipients dialog box appears and displays all the data records in the list.
  6. Confirm data list is correct and click OK.
  7. Click next: write your letter to move to step 4.
  8. Write a letter in current word document.
  9. Place the cursor where any field  from data record is to be entered.
  10. Perform the following steps to insert data from data list:
  • Click inset merge fields button. The insert merge fields dialog box appears.
  • Select the field to insert in the document.
  • Click insert. A placeholder appears where information from data record will appear
  • Repeat these steps to enter information from data record.
  • Click next: preview your letters in the task pane after completing the letter.
  • Preview the letters to make sure the information from data record appears correctly.
  • Click Next: completer the merge.
  • Press print to print the letters.
  • Click all and click OK in merge to printer dialog box.
  • Click OK to send the letters to the printer.



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