10 Best Places to Do Homework: Tips for School and College

Homework requires maximum concentration. You need a space without any distraction or disruption. It will reduce the time taken to do your homework and also help you to produce the most compelling ideas.

Some of the good places to study and do homework have already been set by the virtue of being a college. However, they are not always accessible, especially at night, on holidays, and off days. You have to create a good place for your homework.

Excellent places where you can do homework and study productively:

1. Where to go to do homework: the library

Libraries in institutions are specifically set up for that purpose. They are made up of study spaces with seats and tables as well as areas with reference materials like books. Students are supposed to maintain silence to avoid distractions. With all the reference materials you need, adequate space, and room for discussions, the library is the perfect space to study, revise, and complete your homework.

2. Do your homework at the park

Parks around college or your neighborhood offer a relaxing space to do your homework. Each visitor chooses a quiet corner to relax. Parks have numerous places to sit and do homework, from benches to the grass. The relaxing environment makes your studies easy to understand.

3. Find places to sit and do homework around the school compound

The compound around college also offers numerous corners where to go and do your homework. Pick a tree at a secluded corner or a bench next to a building. Other people will not interfere with your studies. It is an excellent choice when you have been locked out of the library or hostel yet you have to complete an urgent assignment.

4. One of the best places to do homework: empty lecture hall

Lecture halls are not always occupied. They offer some of the best places for homework because the benches or seats already exist and the halls are within your college compound. They are conveniently available when you need time away from the hostel or library. You can also discuss with friends without intruding into personal spaces.

5. In the dormitory

You will spend a lot of your college years in the dorm. Prepare the place for study. Make the room inspiring and prepare to switch off entertainment systems. Choose comfortable furniture that allows you to study for long hours without fatigue.

6. Do your homework at home early in the morning

Rise early in the morning when everyone is asleep. The hours are quiet while the mind and body are fresh. You can accomplish more within a very short time.

7. Late evening in the house – doing homework at home

Stay late when everyone goes to sleep. It is one of the best tricks to complete your homework at home. No one will be watching the television or playing music. With maximum concentration, you will complete the work faster.

8. Community library

Where can I go to do homework while studying from home? Visit the community library. It has spaces like the school library and quiet sections to allow you to complete your work. You avoid spending all your time at home.

9. At a friend’s house

Combine effort with peers and classmates to study in different rooms from time to time. It breaks the monotony of studying in one place. You also use the chance to discuss the challenging assignments.

10. Negotiate your space

It is convenient to study at home or in your hostel. However, other people could be using the spaces. Negotiate your study time so that other members can create a conducive atmosphere. They will avoid parties or entertainment at the time you are supposed to be studying.


The best study space is quiet, comfortable, and has adequate space for all the items you need while studying. Choose existing places like the library because they are convenient. You should also create personal study spaces for the time that the public facilities will not be available like weekends, evenings, or holidays. The right place makes studying more efficient and productive.

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