Printing in Excel

Opening and closing Files:

The process of bringing the stored wordbook from disk to the memory is called opening workbook. Different methods of opening a file are as follows:

Opening File using Documents:

The following procedure is use to open a file using documents:

  • Click start button on desktop.
  • Move the mouse pointer to documents. A sub menu will appear with a list of files.
  • Click a file to open.
  • Click File > Close to close the workbook.

Opening a file from Excel:

The following procedure is use to open a file from excel interface:

  • Click File> Open OR press CTRL +O. The open dialog box will appear.
  • Double click on any file to open. OR select a file and click open.

Closing a workbook:

The process of unloading workbook from memory is called closing workbook. The workbook is unloaded from memory but remains on the drive permanently. The following procedure is use to close a workbook.

  • Click File > Close. OR Press CTRL +F4. OR click on Close icon.

Closing All files:

The following procedure is use to close all open file at the same time.

  • Hold down the sift key.
  • Click File > Close All. If there are any unsaved files, excel will prompt to save them.


The printing options in Ms Excel are as follows:

Print preview provides a view about how the page will look like after printing.

  • Click print preview on standard toolbar. OR select File > Print preview. The preview screen is displayed as follows.

The current page number are total number of pages appear at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click next on preview toolbar to g the next page or previous to go back.
  • Click close to return to the worksheet.

Print a worksheet:

The process of printing a worksheet is different from printing a word document. The size of worksheet can be larger. The print preview option can be used to view the part of worksheet that will be printed. The following procedure is used to print a worksheet.

  • Click print icon on standard toolbar. The print dialog box is displayed.

The important option of print dialog box are as follows:

  1. Printer :it is use to select a printer from name list box.
  2. Print range : it is use to select the range of printing. The user may print all page or give a range of pages.
  3. Copies :Is is use to specify the number of copies to e printed.
  • Select the desired options from Print dialog box.
  • Click OK. The worksheet will be printed.

Changing print Area:

Excel will select and print the entire contents of a worksheet automatically, but this can restrict to a specific section for the sheet if needed.

  • Select Page Setup ….form File menu and select sheet tab.
  • Click Print area box.
  • Enter the sheet range or click and drag to select the range on sheet and click OK.

Dashed lines are displaye on the screen to indicate the edge of the print range and where page breaks will occur. You can create print range quickly by selecting the range in the worksheet then from the file menu, select print Area and then Set Print Area.

Clearing Print Area:

  • Select File > Print Area and click Clear Print Area.

Exiting Excel:

The process of closing the main window of Ms Excel is call existing Excel. When the user exists excel, all open workbooks are close. The following methods is use to exit excel.

Exiting Using Exit Command: 

The following procedure is use to exit Excel using Exit command:

  • Click File > Exit. A dialog box appears if there is any unsaved workbook.
  • Click yes to save workbook and exit Excel.
  • Press No to exit without saving workbook.
  • Click cancel to cancel the exit process.

Exiting with keyboard:

The following procedure is use to exit using keyboard:

  • Press ALT + F+ X. OR
  • Press ALT+F4.OR
  • Double click the Microsoft Excel icon in the top left corner of the screen.




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