Managing Documents

Managing Documents

There are several ways to create new documents, open existing documents and save documents in Ms word.

Creating  a New Document:

A new document can be create by suing menu or toolbar.The menu option provides more options for choosing the new document. The toolbar is faster and easier way of getting a blank document on screen,. The following procedure is use to create a new document.

  • Click Office Button on toolbar. or
  • Click File >NEW . OR     press CTRL+N. OR
  • Click Blank Document link on New Document task pane.

Saving a Document:

The save and Save As commands are locate within File menu. Both options display Save As dialog box if the document is being save for the first time. Save ?As dialog box does not appear if an existing file is saved. The document is stored in its existing file. File names cannot include / \ . >< | ? : ” . Word Automatically adds the file extension when file saves.

Save Command:

Save command is used to store a Word document in a file on the disk. The following  procedure is used to save a document using save command.

  • Start MS Word.
  • Click File >save  Or press CRTL+S OR ALT+SHIFT+F2 Save As dialog box appear.
  • Choose the appropriate drive and folder using drop down arrow in Save in Box.
  • Enter new file name or use default name in file  name box.
  • Click Save. the document will be saved.

Save As command:

Save as command is used to:

  • Store a New word document in a file on the disk.
  • store another copy of existing document with different name Or at different location.

The following procedure is use to save a document using Save as command.

  1. Open a saved document in Ms Word.
  2. Click File > Save As……OR press F 12. The Save as  dialogue box is display.
  3. Enter new file name and/ or select a new location.
  4. Click Save. The document will be saved.

Save Automatically using Auto Recover

Auto Recover is a feature that creates a recovery file if the computer locks up. This file opens the next time Word is started. The following procedure is use to save a document automatically using Auto Recover.  

  1. Select Tools >Options.… and click Save tab.
  2. Select Save Auto recover info every; check Box.
  3. set number of minutes after which to save automatically in Minute’s box.
  4. Click Ok.

Protecting Documents with password 

Ms Word provides a method for protection documents by applying passwords to the documents. An unauthorized person cannot access a word document that is protected by a password. password can be up to 15 characters long. it may consist of numbers.alphabets or both. The password in case sensitive. Password can be applied to;

  • Prevent opening of a file stored on the disk
  • Prevent modification in h document

The following procedure is use to apply password n documents:

  1. Store the document in a file on disk.
  2. Choose Tools > Options and select Security tab.
  3. Enter password in password to open. It prevents any body to open the document with providing password.
  4. Enter password in password to modify. It prevent any body to modify the document without providing password.
  5. click OK. The password will by applied on the document.

Opening an Existing Document:

The user can open an existing document when to make changes or add more information to it. The following procedure is use to open a document.

  1. Click Open file button on standard bar. OR
  2. Choose File > Open from the menu bar. OR
  3. Press CRTL+O on keyboard.

Each method will show open dialog box. Choose the file and click Open button.

Open Recently used Document

A list of recently used files is stored on the Window My Recent Documents folder.

The Following procedure is use to open a recently used document:

  1. Click Start Button on windows Task bar
  2. Select My Recent Documents folder. The Documents list is displayed.
  3. Select the Required file to open.

Renaming Documents

The following procedure is use to rename an existing document:

  1. Select File > Open and find the file to be renamed.
  2. Right-click on the document name with mouse. A popup menu will appear.
  3. Select Rename from the shortcut menu.
  4. Type the new name for the file and press the enter key. The file will be rename.

Closing a Document

The process of unloading a word document from computer memory is called closing document. When a word document is closed, it is only unloaded form memory. It remains store in the file on the disk.

The following procedure is use to close the current document:

  • Select File > close. Or
  • Press CTRL+F 4. The document will be close.

If the document is not save before close , Ms word will prompt the user to save it. before the document is close.

  • Click yes to save the document.OR
  • Click No to close the document without saving. OR 
  • Click cancel to leave the document on the screen unchanged.

Deleting a Document

The following procedure is use to delete a document.

  1. Click Open on Standard toolbar OR press CRTL+O. The Open dialog box is display.
  2. Select the file to be delete.
  3. Click delete on open dialog box toolbar. The confirm file delete message box is display.
  4. select yes to delete the file. Or select Not to cancel.

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