Slide master Handouts and Notes Power point 2007

Slide master:

Slide master Handouts and Notes Power point 2007:

Power point offers many different design templates to create attractive presentations. However, the user can customize color and design of a presentation according to his choice. It is possible to change the design of slide layout and format text on each slide using slide master. The slide mater holds background items of items each slide. The changes made to  slide master can reflect on each slide of the presentation. A change only on specific slide should be applied to that slide instead to that slide master.

And the slide master controls the format and placement of of titles, text and graphics objects on slides. Some presentations have two slide masters. Sometimes the title has a different design. A separate title master determines the format of text and design of the title slide. The slide master can access from view menu.

Handouts and Notes:

Handouts are prints of slides or the outline of presentation to be given to participants. One handout may contain 2,3,4,6 or 9 slides on it. Notes are the important about a slide. It can be used to remember important points during presentation or to provide help to the audience about the background information of a slide. The handouts and notes master can have drawing objects, pictures, header and footers.

The user can provide outline of presentation to the audience before making presentation. It can be provided as handouts or notes of the presentation. MS power point provides the handouts in the handout master from slide option of View Menu.

Creating and Viewing Handouts:

The following  procedure is usd to create and view handouts.

  • Select the view option from main Menu.
  • Select Master option.
  • Click handout Master option. Handout Master screen will appear on the screen.
  • Select view option from the Main Menu.
  • Click Header and footer.
  • Select Notes and Handout tab. Header and footer dialog box will appear.
  • Clicks update automatically option.
  • Enter text in Header text box.
  • Enter text in Footer text box.
  • Click page number check box to display page number on the handouts.
  • You have a handout of 2,3,4,6,or 9 slides . 301-370 m 401-454,555.

Making Notes:

The following procedure is use to create and view notes.

  • Select view option from the Main menu.
  • Select master option.
  • Click Notes Master option. A screen will be displayed. The top slide of screen is the slide master and bottom slide is the notes body area to write notes. You can create drawing objects, pictures and header and footers on the notes slide.
  • Close the notes master by click the close button on the screen.

Speaker Notes:

Power Point provides the facility to add speaker notes to a presentation. The notes can be prepare to remember important points during presentation. The user can also prepare for audience. Speaker Notes are add to the slides as a reference for the presenter. An area of a slide that is hidden during the presentation is reserve for notes.


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