Character Case,Text Effects,

Character Case:

The character in which text is write in call case of the text. Upper case of letters are knows as capital letter and lower are small case letter. The case of text can change in Ms Word. The are five ways in which the case of text can change.

  1. Select the text and press SHIFT + F 3 until the require case achieve.OR  select the text and select  Format > Change Case.Change case dialog box will appear. The dialog box provides the following options:
Option Description
Sentence case It changes the first character of sentence to uppercase and all other characters to the lower case.
Lowercase It change all characters to lowercase
Uppercase It change all characters to uppercase
Title case It changes the first character of each word to uppercase and all other characters to the lower case.
Toggle case It switches uppercase to lowercase and vice versa.

2.  Select any option to apply.

3. Click OK.

Text Effects:

A range of text animation effects can be applied on text. However, these can see on the screen but cannot print. Different text effects are as follows.

Effects Description
Blinking Background The background of the text will blink black.
Las Vegas Lights It will hang a set of blinking lights around the text.
Marching Black Ants It will enclose the selected txt in a box formed of short black lines that will move around the formatted text
Shimmer It will shimmer or blur the text.
Sparkle Text It will add a sparkle effect to text.

The following procedure is use to apply text effects;

  1. Select the text to apply effects.
  2. Choose Format  >   Font OR right click on text and choose font from short cut menu OR press CTRL+D. The font dialog box will appear.
  3. Click on Text effect tab.
  4. Select the name of effects to apply, the preview box at the bottom of the screen will show how the text effects will look.
  5. Click OK button to apply the effect.



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