Charts Ms excel 2007


Charts Ms excel 2007: Charts are use to present data in a visual format using a variety of graph types. So the data in spreadsheet is use to create a chart. A chart is creates using data points and data series. Data points are individual numbers in a cell within a data table. Data points are also known as data markers and are represents by symbols as bar, line, area, dot and column etc.

Elements of chart

Different elements of chart are as follows:

Plot area:              the area in which that value are plotted is called plot area. It contains the data points and gridline.

Chart Area:          it is the object in which chart, legend, title and custom object reside. A chart object                                          cannot reside outside the chart area.

Series:                     A collection of related data vales is calle series.


x- Axis :                  The horizontal axis is called the X axis. And it contains category grouping.

Y-Axis:                   The vertical axis is called the Y-Axis is numeric and represents a scale against which                                      we can read the points in t chart.

Legend:                A box often located to the right side of chart is called legend. It displays the name of                                     each series and color used by series.

Chart Toolbar:           It is a very useful toolbar. It becomes visible when a chart is selected. It can                                                    be use to select any object in chart and change chart type etc.

Important chart types:

Some important types of chart are as follows

Pie charts:           Pie charts are best use to compare parts of a whole. They help the user to divide a                                         group into its components.

Line Graphs:        It indicates the relationship of one variable to another. It can create using                                                 straight or curve lines. The straight line graphs show specific observation points                                           and curved line graphs show general trends.

Bar graph:             It is use to show contrast between quantities. Vertical bar graphs are use to                                                   compare quantities at different when time is not an important consideration.

Column chart:    It is similar to bar charts as it compares distinct items. It is best suite for comparing                                     items over time

Area Chart:          It shows relative contributions over time that each data series makes to whole                                                  picture.

XY (scatter ) chart:            It shows the relationship between numeric values in two different data                                                               series. It also plots a series of data pairs using x and y coordinates.

Stock chart:       It is use to indicate high, low and close values for a stock. The data must be in a                                             specific order when using this chart.

Doughnut charts:              It is similar to pie chart, It shows the proportion of the whole that is                                                                     contribute by each value in a series.



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