How to Look After Your Mental Health When Studying From Home

Working or studying from home, your mental or physical health needs special attention. Here, you will get the best tips to stay healthy while working from home. The COVID-19 pandemic made many people stay indoors and change their routine to study or work from home.

Studying or working from home is a heaven-sent gift. However, staying indoors for a long time can negatively affect your mental and physical health.

The best tips to stay healthy while studying or working at home

  • Exercise your body

The best reward towards your body while studying or working from home is introducing physical activities in your daily tasks. It's an important aspect if you spend much time in front of your computer. It's also a good measure when you stop fast-paced walking when handling your duties at home.

If you can't access the gym, you need to invest in yoga mats, resistance bands, weights, or the ab wheel to get a quality gym at home. If it's not possible, you can do some bodyweight exercises at home like sit-ups, pushups, and squats. Of course, walking and jogging in your apartment is still good option.

  • Healthy eating

If you stay at home the entire day, it's easy to get to the kitchen and eat anything at any time. Working from home makes snacking to be very convenient. If you are a starter, you need to get rid of all snacks from your studying or working area. You will limit the temptations to eat mindlessly. Reduce junk foods and aim for a smoothie or fruit salad. You also need to drink a lot of water.

  • Get enough sleep

Good sleep improves concentration and productivity, boosts your immune system, and helps you cope with anxiety and stress. Adequate sleep is vital for your body and brain, but it's hard to maintain a good sleep schedule when studying or working from home. You need to develop a sleep routine. If you work more in the evening, schedule your sleep to be late and wake up late in the morning. You should sleep at least seven hours per night with a maximum of nine hours.

  • Breathe fresh air

Lack of fresh air is a common problem when studying or working from home. Clean, fresh air and oxygen boost your brain function, mental health, and immune system. Unfortunately, it's hard to connect with nature because of the busy schedule. Open your windows a few times a day and place some greenery around your working desk.

  • Have adequate breaks

It's easy to lose track of time when working on interesting things. Don't forget to have breaks every time you are working or studying. Break your daily tasks into sections to have at least some time between them to refresh your mind and body. The break should be between 15 and 30 minutes. It's a good strategy to stay focused and enjoy the timely rest benefits. To add on daily breaks, take time to move around and stretch to get your eyes away from your computer.

  • Get your vitamins

It's good to snack on smoothies and fruits than junk foods. It's good to have canned foods in your house but supplement it with veggies and fruits to balance your diet well. Buy vitamins and nutritional boosters in a local pharmacy to handle the nutrient desert in processed and canned foody.

  • Connect with people

It's easy to be a hermit while working or studying from home. Despite your introverted nature and level, you need other people. It's good to stay alone but keep connected with people you love and care about. Take your phone and make calls to your friends and families. You can even go and hug your roommate during your Pomodoro breaks. Schedule a video chat with other people.

  • Manage your stress

It's not bad to feel some stress and anxiety. The two are your greatest enemies regarding educational or occupational productivity. You will need much energy to fight stress and anxiety that leaves you exhausted. Find something that leaves you relaxed, clear your mind and brush the stress.


Your health is your wealth. You won't excel in your academics or job if you fail to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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