Tables in Ms Word

Tables in Ms Word:

Tables in Ms word: A table consists of columns and rows. A group of table cells arrange vertically is called column.

A group f table cells arranged horizontally is a called row. The cells are forms where columns and rows intersect each other. The cell contains you data or information.

Tables can be use to arrange text and graphics.

The user can  place text or numbers in a table and then sort and perform calculation on them.

Creating Tables:

Ms Word provides different ways to create tables in documents. Tables can be created by using Table menu, Toolbar, existing text or drawing button.

Creating Table using Menu:

 The following procedure is use to create table using menu:

  • Open a new document.
  • Select Table > Insert >Table.…From menu bar. A dialog box will appear:
  • Select number of columns and rows under Table size.
  • Choose options to adjust table size under auto fit behavior.
  • Click Auto format to sue a built in table format.
  • Click OK to create the table.

Creating Table using Toolbar: 

The following procedure is use to create table using Toolbar:

  • Click in the document where the table is to be insert.
  • Click insert Table button on standard toolbar.
  • A Grid appears.
  • Click and drag over grid to select the number of columns and rows required in table
  • Release mouse button. Table with given number of rows and columns will appear.

Creating a Table with Existing Test:

If some text is already typed in the document, it can be converted into a table. Word converts special characters such as paragraph mars, tabs, commas or periods into rows and columns of a table. The user can also define an alternative special character e.g. tilde.∼

The following procedure is use to create table with Existing text:

  • Select the text to be convert to a table.
  • Select Table > Convert > Text to Table….convert text to table dialog box appears.
  • Click appropriate option to separate text in table cells under separate text at option.
  • Verify the number of columns under Table size. 
  • Select any other options.
  • Click OK. The text is will be convert into table.

Creating Table using Draw Table:

The user can design his own table layout using Tables and Borders toolbar. It allows the user to create a table of any size, draw and erase table cells borders. The user can also change border color. The following procedure is use to activate Table and Borders Toolbar.

  • Right -Click on any toolbar and select Table and Borders from shortcut menu. OR
  • Select View > Toolbar’s > Tables and Borders.

The following procedure is use to create table using draw table:

  • Click on Draw Table button the mouse pointer changes to pencil.
  • Drag the mouse to draw a rectangle for outside border of table.
  • Begin drawing vertical lines from the top to the bottom of the box.
  • Draw horizontal lines to complete the table.
  • Repeat the process until you draw the require number of vertical and horizontal lines

Table Auto Format:

auto format can apply styles to existing tales. The user may select from several predefined table formats. It is a time saving feature that automatically applies predefined combinations of borders, shading, special fonts and color to table. Ms word list s all formats in Table auto format dialog box is customize the format. The auto format is use as following:

  1. Click the table to be formatted.
  2. Select Table > Table Auto format. Table auto format dialog box will appear.
  3. Click desire format in Formats box. The selected format will appear in preview box.
  4. Edit the format if necessary be selecting or deselecting any formats to apply options,
  5. Apply special formats by selecting or deselecting any option in the Apply special formats to section.


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