The Adjective

The Adjective:



The Adjective is A word which modifies a noun or pronoun is called an adjective. OR an adjective is a word which is used to qualify a noun or pronoun.


کی وضاحت کرتا ہے اسم صفت کہلاتا ہے۔یا اسم صفت ایک لفظ ہےPronounیاNoun ایک لفظ جوکو کوئی خوبی، اچھائی یا برائی دینے کیلئے استعمال ہوتا ہے۔Nounجو کسی

For example:

Tall man, Red shirt, Long bar, Black dress, This year, Middle row, Less time, Larger share,

that word, Tall, Red, Long, Black, This,Middle, Less, Larger, are the adjectives.

The Degrees of Adjective:

There are three degrees of adjectives:

i) Positive 

ii) Comparative

iii) Superlative 

By add ”er” and ”est” after the positive degree, the comparative and superlative degrees are made, as the following chart shows.

Positive Comparative Superlative
Bright Brighter Brightest
Happy Happier Happiest
Small Smaller Smallest
Great Greater Greatest
Large Larger Largest
Costly Costlier Costliest
Weak Weaker Weakest
Tall Taller Tallest

In another from (order):

in some cases, by adding more and most after the positive degree, comparative and superlative are also made: as the following chart shows:

Positive Comparative Superlative
Important More important Most important
Indifferent More indifferent Most indifferent
Intelligent More intelligent Most intelligent
Expensive More expensive Most expensive
Fruitful More fruitful Most fruitful

The formation of adjectives:

i) some noun adjectives are made by the help of noun itself; as the following chart shows;

کی مدد سے ہی بنائے جاتے ہیںNoun Adjectives بعض
Noun Adjective
Faith Faithful
Fruit Fruitful
Benefit Beneficial
Beauty Beautiful
Fear Fearful
Love Loveful
Gold Golden
Fool Foolish
Great Grateful
Hard work Hardworking

ii) in some cases, some verb adjectives are formed by the help of a verb itself; as the following chart shows;

کی مدد سے ہی بنائے جاتے ہیںVerb Adjectives بعض
Adjective Verb
Large Enlarge
Weak Weaken
List Enlist
Fresh Freshen
Black Blacken
White Whiten
Danger Endanger
Able Enable
Act Enact

The Kinds of adjectives:

the following are the kinds of adjectives:

i) Demonstrative Adjectives           ii) Descriptive Adjectives

iii) Interrogative Adjectives            iv) Possessive Adjectives

v)  Distributive Adjectives              vi) Quantitative Adjectives

i) Demonstrative Adjectives:

These adjectives specify noun by the words: this ,that, these, those, etc, as the following examples show:

کی وضاحت کی جاتی ہے۔Nounکے الفاظ کے ساتھ ایک This,That,These,Thoseان میں

For examples:

  • This fan is very durable.
  • These apples are very sweet.
  • That boy is also funny.
  • Those books are mine.

ii) Distributive Adjectives:

This kind of adjectives presents or shows the nouns singularly; these are as: all,both,each, every, either, neither, etc.

For Example:

  • Every seat has already been occupied in the main hall of the college.
  • Each girl has money box.
  • Neither fan is running in the right order.
  • Either book is suitable for reading.

iii)  Interrogative Adjectives:

They ask which or what things is meant:

For examples:

  • Whose one of then is better at studies?
  • Whose pens are these?
  • what is the price of this book?

iv)  Possessive Adjectives:

These adjectives are use with the nouns to show the possession of a thing.

For Examples:

  • My House, Their class, Your land, His shoes, Her money etc.

v)  Descriptive Adjectives:

These adjective denote any quality or characteristics of a noun,

For examples: Dead sea, Burning train, Boiled eggs, shining stars,etc.

iii)  Proper Adjectives: 

These ones tell or show us a quality of a thing or person in accordance with some proper noun.

For Example:  American President, Indian player, British Law, Sindhi Woman, Punjabi People.

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